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Style File: Sweatshirt Skirt

Showin off my street style up on the blog! Style File: Sweatshirt Skirt

Facetune15 Facetune1 Facetune4 Facetune13 Facetune14 Facetune Facetune2 Facetune17 Facetune6 Facetune3 Facetune11 Facetune12 Facetune5 Facetune8 Facetune7 Facetune10 Facetune16

Skirt: Zara (here & on sale here) Top: H&M (similar here) Sneakers: Nike Air Max 90’s via Footlocker (here & here) Backpack: Zara (here, here, & here) Sunglasses: Ray-ban (here & here) Watch: Michael Kors (here) Rings: ASOS & Nasty Gal (here & here) iPhone Case:Sonix (here)

Growing up I was a pretty active kid. My parents were both very athletic so we were always on the go.…

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Style File: Summer Fiesta

Giving off fiesta vibes with prints and pom poms featuring Caboose Boutique on the blog! Style File: Summer Fiesta

Facetune6 Facetune4 Facetune3 Facetune Facetune7 Facetune10 Facetune14 Facetune15 Facetune2 Facetune8 Facetune11 Facetune13 Facetune5 Facetune16 Facetune12 Facetune9

Short:Caboose Boutique (here, love these here & here) Top:Caboose Boutique (here, love this one here & here) Bag: H&M (old, similar here & here) Heels: JustFab (old, obsessed with these here & here) Rings: ASOS (here & here) Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (here & lusting over there here)

For me, summertime is all about feeling comfortable, lots of colour, and showing a little skin…

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Style File: Statement Skirt

A colour blocked statement with @shabbyapple today on the blog!

Facetune Facetune3 Facetune2 Facetune10 Facetune8 Facetune6 Facetune4 Facetune12 Facetune5 Facetune15 Facetune9 Facetune11 Facetune7 Facetune16 Facetune14

Midi Dutchess Skirt:Shabby Apple (here) Denim Vest: Zara (old, similar here & here) Heels: Town Shoes (old, similar here & here) Bag: Kate Spade (old, love these deals here & hereBelt: J.Crew (here) Rings: Nasty Gal (here) & ASOS (here)

Well my friends it is officially hump day! That day in the middle of the week where the weekend seems so close but yet so far. But although it…

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Style File: Monday Mornings

Beating the Monday morning blues up on the blog! Style File: Monday Mornings

Facetune Facetune7 Facetune3 Facetune8 Facetune9 Facetune10 Facetune5 Facetune11 Facetune2 Facetune12 Facetune6

Top: H&M (old, similar here, here, & here) Shorts: H&M (here, here, & here) Heels: Zara (old, similar here, here, & here) Lucite Chain Necklace: Winners (here & here) Gold Chain Necklace: J.Crew (similar here & here) Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (here) Bag: Zara (old, similar here) Rings: ASOS (here & here)

Yayyy for Monday’s! Who’s with me!? Ok, probably not a whole lot and I have to say I…

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Style File: Graffiti & Sequins

Summer whites, sequins, and lot soy graffiti on the blog. Happy Friday! Style File: Graffiti & Sequins

Facetune Facetune11 Facetune3 Facetune9 Facetune7 Facetune4 Facetune5 Facetune2 Facetune8 Facetune6 Facetune10 Facetune12 Facetune13 Facetune15 Facetune16 Facetune17

Sequin Crop Top: ASOS (Here, similar here) Denim: Urban Outfitters (old, similar here & here) Heels: Zara (here & here) Bag: Zara (sold out, similar here, here & here) Sunnies: Ray-Ban (here & here) Rings: Nasty Gal & ASOS (here, here, & here)

So about a month ago I started running again. Growing up, I ran all the time; and not like ran around the house like a crazy kid (that was…

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Style File: Pom Pom

A summer look with a dash of pom poms up on the blog! Style File: Pom Pom

Facetune1 Facetune6 Facetune10 Facetune4 Facetune14 Facetune5 Facetune2 Facetune9 Facetune3 Facetune8 Facetune13 Facetune11 Facetune12 Facetune15 Facetune7 Facetune16

Top: Anthropologie (on sale here) Skirt: Anthropologie (on sale here) Heels: Forever 21 (here, similar here, & nude version here) Bangles: J.Crew (here & here) Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (here) Bag: J.Crew (old, similar here & here)

I love me some Anthropologie just as much as the next fashionista, but one thing that doesn’t always sit well with me is their high price points. I’m sorry,…

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Style File: Sequins & the City

Sequins and bling featuring gems from Trending Above Style File: Sequins & the City

Facetune12 Facetune6 Facetune3 Facetune13 Facetune9 Facetune11 Facetune4 Facetune5 Facetune10 Facetune8 Facetune7 Facetune2 Facetune Facetune14

Glitter & Gold Necklace:Trending Above Sequin Dress: Zara (sold out, similar here, here, & love this one here) Bag: Town Shoes (similar here, here & here) Heels: Town Shoes (here, here, & the real deal here) Crystal Circle Necklace: J.Crew (here) Sunglasses: Karen Walker ‘Number One’ (here & here)

I recently had a fantastic day date with my mamma the other week. Nothing better…

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Style File: Floral Lace

Getting dressed up for date night on the blog! Style File: Floral Lace

IMG_3970 IMG_4004 IMG_3984 IMG_3972 IMG_3993 IMG_4013 IMG_3987 IMG_4022 IMG_3996 IMG_3974Blue Lace Skirt:Poison KS (here, mint version here, leather version here) Tank: Aritzia (here & here) Heels: JustFab (old, similar here & here) Necklace: ℅ Le Château (here, similar here & here) Bag: Zara (old, here & here) Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (here)

No matter what season it is lace is always in style. From lace tees, to dresses, and especially skirts…I love em all. I’ve actually…

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Style File: Peplum, Pups, & Pumps

Summer walks with one of my pups up on the blog! Style File: Peplum, Pups, & Pumps

IMG_3866 IMG_3913 IMG_3942 IMG_3853 IMG_3873 IMG_3898 IMG_3928 IMG_3939 IMG_3963 IMG_3933 IMG_3914 IMG_3886 IMG_3915 IMG_3947 IMG_3916 IMG_3882

Peplum Top: Zara (similar here, here, & here) Shorts: Forever 21 (here & here) Bag: Zara (old, love these here, here, & here) Heels: Zara (old, similar here & here) Sunglasses: Ray-Ban (here)

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had animals. Dogs, cats, turtles…you name it I’ve probably had it (except snakes, I hate snakes). So naturally, I’m a pretty big animal lover and…

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Style File: Ms. Mad Men

Taking a style note from Mad Men up on the blog! Style File: Tickle Me Pink (Gingham)

IMG_3543 IMG_3560 IMG_3492_Fotor IMG_3512 IMG_3551 IMG_3569 IMG_3530 IMG_3550 IMG_3517 IMG_3564 IMG_3504 IMG_3499 IMG_3545

Top: H&M (here & here) Shorts: H&M (here & playsuit sold here) Necklace: Zara (similar herehere & here) Bag: J.Crew (here & here) Sunglasses: Coach (here, love these here) Heels: Zara (similar here & here)

You all know I’ve been obsessed with separates lately. Doesn’t matter if it’s printed or plain, I just love em either way. So finding a bubblegum pink gingham set was like a…

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